Well, here it goes!

I'm getting closer and closer every week to being up & running!

I have just placed my first wholesale order with SlingRings.com earlier this week, and I have put together a presence on Facebook. Very soon I will have inventory to go "live" and to start actually advertising the FB Page and start joining the leagues of WAHMs who post in "Spam Saturday" in all the Babywearing Facebook groups.

Initially, I am not going to have a full stock of every single colour and size, but I'll be set up pretty well with the basics, especially the aluminum size Large Sling Rings which are everyone's go-to for DIY slings and most woven wrap tie-offs. If there is interest in the SlingRings.com Nylon rings and in more of a selection in the smaller Aluminum rings then please let me know and I will do my best!

Also on the to do list: navigate Canada Revenue Agency's procedures for setting up a business account, get registered with the Province of AB, get a business license to be able to operate from home in our new town, sign up to become a business member of the BCIA. So much to do! And so little time before Baby #2 and moving 11hrs south!

Thank you to everyone in the Canadian Babywearing Swap Facebook Group who expressed interest in a legitimate Canadian shop for SlingRings.com authentic rings, which encouraged me to take this step and make this little venture happen! Can't wait to get up and running!

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