Athletic Mesh is In Stock + Coupon Code for $5 off $20!

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Because I'm so good at setting priorities, I went shopping yesterday rather than picking away at the many boxes that still need unpacking at the new house! It is like a dream being only 90min from a Costco! Took both kids by myself and they were SO good. Things certainly take longer but I got to the wholesale fabric store in addition to my Costco run.

 So, I'm happy to announce that I have limited amount of Athletic Mesh available for purchase! I only started with a limited amount to see if there's interest, so I have 6 pcs of navy, 6 pcs of white, and 4 pcs of black to sell.

With the purchase of these initial pieces of Athletic Mesh, I'm doing a promo for $5 off a minimum $20 order - that means you can get a piece of mesh and a pair of small rings will be half price! The perfect way to try a DIY Athletic Mesh Water Ring Sling!


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