Sharing the Babywearing Love in Canada

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You beautiful customers are being awesome and obviously sharing the website around with your fellow babywearing friends - especially those of you in Quebec! I have filled over 100 orders, and a huge portion is to Quebec! Merci! You must have more babywearers there per capita, or at least more who are into DIY or Sling Ring tie-offs! But a huge thank you for spreading the word :)

Here's the latest project...

Have you ever been approached by others asking about "that scarf thing" that you have your child wrapped up in? Or had strangers say in passing that they had a baby carrier but never got into it because they don't know how to use it?


Share The Babywearing Love in Canada


I just ordered 5,000 of these bad boys to send out for free to any Canadian Babywearing enthusiasts who want them to keep in the diaper bag/car/wherever to hand over.

This happened to me almost 2 weeks ago in Edmonton at Buy Buy Baby and I actually resorted to pulling out the 'ol iPhone 4 and showing her the groups I was talking about. I think I came across as way too excited and a little scattered. She - like many people - had no idea how large the online babywearing community is on Facebook!

These cards should be to me by the end of the month. I'm going to add them to my inventory now and you can order groups of 10 cards, and I'll send them out as soon as I get my shipment in :)

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