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It has been a very long time since I made a Blog post - so here I am to share two babywearing-related discoveries I made in the last two days.

Discovery #1: Updated Content on Sleeping Baby Productions

Sleeping Baby Productions SBP Jan Anrea

Babywearing & Ring Sling Guru Jan Andrea has made some lovely updates to her website.

I am often asked what the difference between the shoulder styles really is, or people want to know which I personally prefer. Her new website has a "Construction" page that really concisely lays it out! Check out specifically how she explains a Gathered Shoulder as being flexible - I have found many people, especially those using a not-as-pricey fabric and can afford a generous length of fabric between the stitching and the rings, like this style as the shoulder fabric can be manipulated wherever you want to be comfortable. But on the other hand there is just something so beautiful about those trademark Sleeping Baby Productions pleats! Especially with a Rainbow-coloured woven... but I am a sucker for rainbows!

 Discovery #2: Updated Newborn Ring Sling How-To Video from Babywearing Faith on Youtube.com

Faith made another great video - this one is for using a Ring Sling with a newborn - a great one to share with anyone you're giving your DIY Ring Slings to! Her explanation on pulling the tail to tighten it "in the direction it came from" with the visual is excellent!



That's all for now! Happy Babywearing!


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