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Hi Babywearing Friends,

First, thank you for all your orders while my "NovaScotia" coupon code was active. I have recently started working my day job full-time, and the house is still listed for sale... and my co-parent has been on the other side of the country for 2 months already. I can't wait to move! The kids and I are so ready. I digress. Thanks to the sale I moved through some colours that I feel hadn't been selling much, which gave me some room for these new Hand Buffed rings!

I have been asked intermittently about getting "shiny" rings like we have seen available in the UK for quite some time. And now that our friends at SlingRings.com are offering it, I have brought some of their "Hand Buffed" rings across the border! For now I just ordered Large Hand Buffed rings in 5 colours: Gold, Silver, Slate, Champagne, and Rose Gold.

They're gorgeous, and so shiny. The new Rose Gold specifically is my personal fave :) I have started with 18 rings in each colour. I can definitely order more if people like them as much as I do.

Happy Babywearing,

-Helen @ BabyweaRings.ca


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  • Laurie Brookfield on

    Hi there! Do you have a FB site? The link on your website doesn’t lead us to it. Thanks so much! Hugs, L

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