About Us

Hello there!

I'm Helen, a WAHM with a four year old son and a two year old daughter. We relocated in Fall 2017 from central Alberta to Nova Scotia, and are in the process of figuring out where exactly in the Halifax area we should settle down.


I got into all things babywearing in February 2014 when my son was about 6 months old. When he was a newborn I had a couple narrow-based carriers that were handed down to me, a SevenSling, and a HotSlings pouch sling that my mother had picked up at a consignment sale. My babywearing stash evolved to include an Ergo Performance when I was introduced to the vibrant Facebook Babywearing community, and from there it was a slippery slope into DIY slings, woven wraps, wrap-conversions, etc!

I saw a chance to be able to provide the Canadian Babywearing community with a reliable place to purchase any colour, any size of the trusted SlingRings.com rings without having to source them directly from the USA. It seems lots of vendors are focusing on the slings and have a colour or two of the rings available as an add-on purchase; nobody was focusing on carrying an inventory of Authentic SlingRings.com rings for Canadians to use.

I am an authorized re-seller of Authentic SlingRings.com rings - the real deal - made south of the border in the USA. I encourage you to check out their website for their story, and for more on their extensive testing and quality control. They truly are setting the bar for Sling Rings, and I would never use another ring for tie-offs with my woven wraps or my DIY ring slings. Make sure you're asking your wrap converter where they're sourcing their rings from!

You can follow BabyweaRings.ca and SlingRings.com on Facebook for updates and deals.

Doula Support

The amazing support of my midwife in my second pregnancy is what got me started down the road of supporting women and their families during pregnancy and the newborn phase. It took the backburner until November 2017 when I had the chance to take the DONA International workshops and start down the road to certification for both Birth and Postpartum. I'm interested in further expanding my knowledge base to possibly becoming a Hypnobirthing Practicioner and Lamaze Childbirth Educator, but we will see. I also have in the back of my mind to pursue nursing so that if/when Midwifery is offered in Nova Scotia, I could be in a good position to enter that field. It's good to have goals! Anyway, I have been interested in advocating for more midwifery care options in Canada.