Aluminum Sling Rings [Individual units, Seconds Quality]

Aluminum Sling Rings [Individual units, Seconds Quality]

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Here's where you can pick up a great deal on individual rings that have inconsistencies in the colour - be it tiny scratches from the testing or just faults in the colour due to the anodizing process. There is absolutely nothing structurally wrong with these rings. They have all withstood the 250lb pull test just the same as the retail priced rings.

Each unit is for one individual ring, so feel free to mix & match. Chances are good 80% or more of your rings are covered up by fabric anyway, so I thought there might be a market for this. 

I decided to offer "Seconds Quality" after having a few customers unhappy with the blemishes in colour on some of the rings. I went through my entire inventory and any ring with 4 or more little blemishes or scratches went into the pile... and I was left with 126 rings!

These all still come from SlingRings.com. I have been in touch with Rochelle and they are aware of the quality issue, and are trying to work with their outsourced anodizing partner to correct it. It isn't worth my while to send rings with blemishes back to the USA so I might as well offload them here and give you a deal.

Any questions, feel free to reach out at info@babywearings.ca or on my Facebook page.

Happy Babywearing! Bon Portage!